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Dean’s Message
The studies carried out in the field of engineering have major importance regarding the development of countries and increase in level of welfare. When all of the countries having a voice in the world are concerned, it is seen that the secret of their success is the projects they have realized in the field of science and technology, and human resources they have raised within this field. The technological development and industrial breakthrough will continue by raising successful and qualified engineers and launching unique projects within this field, and our Faculty has committed to keep pace with this development.

We have currently 5 main Engineering departments within our Faculty, namely Computer Engineering, Electrics-Electronics sEngineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering. Our Faculty provides a unique education and training opportunity with prestigious academic staff, high-tech laboratories, integrated education model, double major and minor programs in which you can have the possibility to specialize in different engineering fields, particularly aeronautics and astronautics. These opportunities were planned with the purpose of raising globally-demanded engineers who can think analytically, are focused on problem-solving, have managerial and leadership skills with high goals, not only use the technology but also produce it and direct R&D projects of our country.

The academic programs provided by our Faculty incorporate a variety of fields including aircraft electrical and electronics systems, autopilot design, avionics systems, control systems, composite material and machine manufacture, nanotechnology applications in aircrafts, alternative energy sources, power electronics, mobile applications, system design, simulation software, optimization problems, robotics and mechatronics applications and autonomous systems.

Our campus has a variety of facilities including an airport, maintenance hangars, various types and number of aircrafts, workshops, simulators, model systems as well as the technical staff certified by international aviation authorities. As the first and only university of Turkey specialized in aeronautics and astronautics, the UTAA is also ranked 37th among all other aeronautical universities around the world. Built upon an intellectual capacity of the Turkish Aeronautical Association founded by the directive of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in 1925, the University of Turkish Aeronautical Association continues to grow further. With the power of this deep-rooted history, the Faculty of Engineering will do its best to raise the engineers of the future.

Dean of Faculty of Engineering